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“Business Sorter is a great addition for our management structure. A clear and easy organisational tool for direct pathways from business plans and projects to managed action throughout the team.”

Jacob Faull, Owner, Nature Baby.

“Business Sorter is fun and easy to use. I have created a business plan that is meaningful to me and it is already making a real difference to how I run my business.”

Margaret Robins (LLB Hons), Owner, Workplace Law.

"It's just like having a business mentor in the room."

Josh Wong, Director at Two Point Zero (IT).

“...We love its ‘ease of use’, yet… it packs a powerful punch, contents wise… All aspects of a very involved business plan are covered... I highly recommend Business Sorter.”

Sharl Short, Divisional Manager Macvad SA/Urban Leisure NZ (Importer).

“... very easy and fast to use… information to prompt us when required and ideas to make us think in depth about where we are heading and what our priorities are.”

Suzanne Papa, Owner, What’s Up House Inspections.

“Overall, it’s enabled us to simplify our business plan and create something that is much easier to follow and implement. Ultimately, this makes our long-term goals more achievable.”

Esther Roberts, General Manager, Indian Ink Theatre Company.

“Simple, intuitive and yet powerful. Business Sorter empowers you to view your business, the challenges and opportunities in a logical, structured and sometimes new way – providing insights that may not otherwise have been obvious.”

Stephen Thom, Business Strategy Manager, Chorus.

“We recommend Business Sorter to all our clients who are wanting to achieve better results. It’s easy to use and helps create a powerful plan to drive results in your business. We actively promote it on our website as one of the business tools you need to grow.”

Trish Love, Founder, Love to Grow.


This habit could make you 30% more profitable

You don’t have to search far to see that business productivity is slipping in all major economies and business failure rates remain alarmingly high. Yet, some businesses still manage to perform exceptionally well. So, what are they doing differently?

Studies consistently show that businesses are up to 30% more profitable* when they plan well and follow through.

Business Sorter simplifies everything

Business Sorter simplifies the entire planning and implementation process. Now, with or without business planning experience, you can operate more effectively and get better end results.

Scrutinize your business from all angles

Most people focus on things they’re experienced in. Business Sorter prompts you to consider every aspect of your business so you can identify changes that will make the most difference.

Better visibility and management

With access on any device, you have full visibility over your team’s progress, seeing what people have done and what’s required next.

Better communication and understanding

People often get bogged down in day-to-day detail. With Business Sorter, they're regularly reminded of priorities, ensuring your plan gets put into action.

When your whole team is focused on the important things and consistently working towards the same goals, you'll start seeing the difference in your results.

Tips and advice to help you carry out your plan

Once you've decided what you need to work on, Business Sorter provides you and your team with practical tips as well as links to helpful websites, templates, and recommended reading.