About Business Sorter

Like many innovative ideas, Business Sorter started with a eureka moment. One of our team struck upon the idea of applying a simple sorting process to the complex and time-consuming task of business planning.

So we set about distilling our combined knowledge and experience into a planning tool anyone could use that would be much faster and more affordable than traditional methods.

The Business Sorter team is made up of experts in the fields of accounting, strategic and business planning, organisational development, human resources, marketing, and advertising. Many years of international experience, working with small businesses through to global corporations, has given us deep knowledge and expertise in helping businesses grow - from start-up, to turnaround, to step change.

We’re very grateful to the many clients, colleagues, family, and friends who’ve helped and encouraged us to get Business Sorter up and running.

We hope you enjoy the experience and results, and we wish you every success.

The Business Sorter team.