• What is Business Sorter?

  • How does Business Sorter work?

  • How will our business get the best results from Business Sorter?

  • Is Business Sorter suitable for writing a start-up business plan?

  • Is Business Sorter suitable for individual departments or business units?

  • Is Business Sorter suitable for sole operators?

  • Is Business Sorter available in my country?

  • What customer support does Business Sorter provide and do I have to pay for it?



  • How secure is my information?

  • Can people at Business Sorter see my plans?

  • Will my plans always be accessible on Business Sorter?

  • If I stop using Business Sorter, can I keep my plans?

  • Who owns my plans?

  • Can more than one person edit a plan at the same time?

Settings and access

  • Why do I get the message, 'The sorter can only be used on devices with displays of 1024x768 or larger'?

  • How do I change my personal details and password?

  • Can I change the Account Holder on my subscription?

  • How do I know if I’m the Account Holder or an invited user?

  • What can the Account Holder do?

  • What can a Team Leader do?

  • What can a Team Member do?

  • Who manages my access to Business Sorter?