Pop-up instructions and tips are provided throughout Business Sorter to make it easy to use. Just press the symbols.

How to get the most out of Business Sorter

  • The best way to get results is to use your plan daily as a working document.
  • Update your plan continually to keep it relevant and stay focused on the areas that need it.
  • Record achievements and shortcomings so you have a history to draw on for future planning.
  • The more you use your plan to direct progress, the more you’ll achieve.


  • Involve all key people from the start. A range of views usually leads to a better outcome. Also, you’re more likely to get buy-in, save time, and avoid conflict later.
  • Prior to your first planning meeting with Business Sorter, send out an invitation asking your team to think about areas of the business that need attention.
  • Everyone has different expertise and experience. Some cards may need to be discussed in detail so that everyone understands what they mean, and can judge their level of importance.
  • As part of your weekly team talk, discuss progress on your overall plan, agree actions for the coming week and schedule further meetings to deal with specific tasks.


  • If you run a business by yourself, it’s best not to take on too many objectives at one time – limit it to about three or four.
  • If you have other people working for you, delegate tasks if possible.

How Business Sorter works

  1. Carry out a SWOT analysis of your business if you haven’t done one recently.
  2. Pick any area to start sorting.
  3. Sort through objective cards and decide what you need to focus on.
  4. Prioritise up to 7 objectives.
  5. Decide which key steps will help you achieve your objectives.
  6. Prioritise your key steps.
  7. Add detail to your plan, and edit objectives and key steps if you wish to.
  8. Review and update your plan regularly, using it as a working document.