Business planning software

Do it yourself online in a fraction of the time


The card sort system lets you work out the basis of your plan in 1–2 hours, instead of many hours or even days.

Great value

Business planning can be complex and implementation is an ongoing process. Business Sorter provides a really simple, cost-effective way to put together a plan and execute it.


The ground work has been done for you. Instead of having to piece together everything from scratch, it's all at your fingertips so you can quickly identify your top priorities.


Six key areas of business are covered in detail: finance, sales, people, brand & marketing, operations, and goods & services.


Business Sorter's 273 cards cover many different business situations, but you can also add your own or reword existing cards. Simply pick and choose what you need.


Tips and advice are provided for every key step to help you put your business strategy into action.


Using your plan as a working document will help to ensure that tasks get followed up and completed, and you achieve your objectives.


It provides you with one place to keep all your ideas for your business, helping you to organise your thoughts, and prevent them from being lost or forgotten.


You can view your plan on any device, including a smartphone, and you can create and update a plan on a medium-sized tablet (e.g. iPad) or any larger computer, such as a laptop.


Your plan is completely editable. When you make an update, other users with access to that plan will also be brought up to speed.


Your data is protected to the highest degree thanks to SSL encryption technology and enterprise-level cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services, the world leader in cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). (Gartner 2014 Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant.)


Invite other people, who can either view and edit a plan, or view only the tasks they've been assigned to. People only see what you want them to see.


Manage users, assign tasks, set due dates and budgets for tasks, and see when people have completed tasks.

Multiple plans

All subscriptions allow for multiple plans, so you can have an overall plan for your business and additional plans for different departments or business units.


‘Task notes’ help people highlight issues and stay on track. ‘Recent activity’ shows you the latest activity across all your organisation’s business plans.

Plan notes

‘Plan notes’ allow you to jot down information relating to each of your plans, such as ideas and things you need to do.